The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) a nonprofit advancing sustainable development to build a fairer and more environmentally sound future.

We aim to improve business practice by facilitating knowledge sharing across an international community of business leaders, scholars, students and policy makers. With these stakeholders, we co-create high-quality content that enables practical action. Our work focuses on 6 critical sustainability themes, from climate change to social justice.

We republish our new content on Medium, in partnership with B the Change, the content arm of B Lab.

Each month, more than 40,000 people from around the world engage with our work. We also facilitate a community of 190+ sustainability research centres in business schools around the world.

Founded in 2008, NBS is housed at the Centre for Building Sustainable Value at the Ivey Business School (Western University, London, Canada). Ivey Business School’s purpose is to inspire leaders for a sustainable and prosperous world.

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Network for Business Sustainability

NBS is dedicated to making business more sustainable. We do this by sharing evidence-based guidance for business leaders thinking ahead.